The practical benefits of exercise

This blog post is for my own motivation, really, because it’s tragically cold outside and I need something to spur me to the gym before I hunt down an elusive BBQ truck for a column I am writing about elusive BBQ trucks.

So yeah, it’s cold and it’s Saturday and I’d rather be doing anything but heading to the gym. Then I remind myself of all the tangible benefits I have enjoyed from improved fitness:

  • I can dead-lift a 55-pound dog who is too lazy to jump into the hatchback of my hyrbid.
  • Thanks to all those tricep kickbacks, my arms don’t get tired when I spend 30 minutes blow-drying my curly mane all straight and sleek.
  • I can walk much faster now, which is very helpful when it’s so freaking cold outside that my nose hairs freeze with every inhale.
  • If I burn some calories and build some muscle at the gym, I can taste the wares of elusive BBQ trucks without worrying that my jeans won’t fit later.
  • My husband is taking me to a salsa dance party tonight and, after all those Zumba classes, I can bust moves. Salsa is more than a tasty dip for tortilla chips. (I know, right?) 
So, now that I am properly motivated, I am off to the gym.
Then I will hunt for this BBQ truck like it’s Bigfoot.
Then I will dance my ass off tonight to some hot salsa music.
Saturdays in winter are weird.
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  1. Harold Delk says:

    Elusive BBQ truck hiding on 11 just north of Troutville this morning. Why do I know this? Maddie knows!

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