PSA: Ruby Tuesday’s gives away edible crack

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Yeah, you read that right.

Went to the Rolling-Stones-song-inspired restaurant today for lunch with my husband. And we had salads. Nice healthy, totally on-Weight-Watchers-plan salads.

Look how pretty!

And they were delicious. Just a wee bit of ham (all you see here is all I had) and lots of veggies. And yes, I am totally the douche canoe that dips her fork in the salad dressing instead of pouring it all over the greens.

But then the server brought us garlic cheddar biscuits — little pieces of euphoria.

Garlic cheddar biscuits are the work of the devil for those who are counting calories. And these biscuits blew the ones at Red Lobster off the culinary chart.

They were crisp on the outside, flaky tender on the inside and, well, I just made happy in my pants thinking about it.

We each only had one. We both wanted her to bring a whole tray. It’s how I imagine Amy Winehouse felt the first time she got high. And look how that turned out.

Not sure if I can ever go back to Ruby Tuesday’s.

If I do, I’ll need to go to rehab. Yes, yes, yes.

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  1. Betsy Richards says:

    If you were eating at the Ruby Tuesday’s on 419 then you can blame my son Stephen. He makes the biscuits there and has quite a knack for cooking. He also stocks the salad bar… so say hi to him the next time you are in getting your fix.

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