Desktop lunch review: A bowl of yellow

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Today’s diet entree comes from the calorie-conscious kitchens of Weight Watchers Smart Ones and can pretty much be summed up in one word: Yellow.

Until today, I didn’t think of yellow as a flavor. But now, I know what yellow tastes like. And it’s not great.

This bag of frozen sustenance is chicken with broccoli and cheese, three ingredients I happen to enjoy, mixed with rice. Notice the contrast of rich colors in the photo of the product on the bag.

Then notice the rather pale hues of the product in the bowl.

Quite a difference, am I right?

After following package instructions and steaming my lunch in the bag in my office microwave, I tore the bag at the designated spot and spilled the contents into my bowl. It came out in a rather unappetizing white lump.

After swirling the contents with my eco-unfriendly plastic fork, the dish did take on a more food-ish appearance. But I was disappointed* that the flavor pretty closely matched the washed-out color.

It’s edible, but not memorable.

This dish reinforces my philosophy that fake cheese should be avoided at all times.

*OK, not really that disappointed because my expectations were awfully low. 

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