Desktop lunch review: Side dish Monday

Long time, no eats, I am afraid.

I did not post about a single lunch last week because I was so busy that many days, I just spun the Wheel of Death in the vending machine and took my chances on what it would yield. Other days, I just nibbled on pretzels or some other tidbit unworthy of mention.

And I nearly had an emotional breakdown, but that’s a story for another day.

Any old hoo, I am back, dining at my desk. Today is Monday. And we all know, unless it’s a three-day weekend or a holiday, that Mondays suck. This has been well documented in books, song, film, tweets and Facebook statuses.

So why not make Monday’s lunch reflect the sheer awfulness of the day by cleaning out the fridge and bringing in a bunch of side dishes? Meatless Monday!

Today I have a roasted corn and jalapeno pepper relish (tasty but a little kicky) and a wheatberry salad (third day eating on it,it’s not overwhelming me today), both from the Kroger anitpasto bar.

I love, love, love the Kroger antipasto bar, by they way. Olives, Mediterranean-inspired salads, cheese, roasted peppers. All kinds of great stuff.

I also toted in a little container of asparagus left over from last night’s dinner. It was delicious. Last night. Today? Not so much. Note to self: Don’t be such a Scrooge and toss the last bits of asparagus.

I whipped through my healthy, vegetarian lunch in a matter of minutes (while I was typing this actually) and now? I am still hungry.

Something tells me there will be a trip to the vending machine in my future.

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