Desktop lunch review: Plain and simple

My stomach was uncooperative this morning, and thus I don’t have much of an appetite today. So lunch is Greek yogurt with a chewy granola bar crumbled in it.


My digestive track had better get it together because this is Third-Month-Insanity* weekend, which as an Indiana girl means it’s practically a religious holiday, and the traditional food and beverage for watching that much college basketball is chicken wings and beer.

Dammit, I am nothing if not a traditional girl.

So, do your magic, little cup of yogurt, and make me feel better, m’kay?

We’ve got some bird and brewski to consume this weekend.

*No copyright infringement here. Suck it, NCAA lawyers!

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One Response to “Desktop lunch review: Plain and simple”

  1. jessica says:

    I love Greek yogurt + toppings!

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